About us

Who we are

Fresh Clinics makes medical compliance effortless.

We build technology that automates compliance and connects our clients with a network of on-demand doctors. Our custom software drives safety and efficiency, and is built to compliment workflow.

Our clients are businesses who deal with telemedicine consultations and Schedule 4 pharmaceuticals.

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What we do

Our products enable doctors and nurses to treat patients safely through best-in-practice telemedicine.

We make it simple for businesses to legally purchase, store and use Schedule 4 medications. We provide the highest levels of compliance, privacy and security for our patients. Our network of doctors is Australia’s largest on-demand cosmetic medical consultation service.

We provide thousands of consultations and authorities monthly. We pride ourselves on safety, service and reliability.


To get great patient outcomes you need the best training

Fresh Training Academy provides nurses in our network with access to the best trainers in the industry.

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