Fresh Bootcamp

So you want to become a cosmetic injector

Not sure where to begin?

Fresh Clinics brings the skills, energy and industry contacts of some of Australia's best injectors together to help you create a whole new career for yourself.

Our Bootcamp is run by industry experts focused on giving you the skills to be a safe and competent injector. We offer accredited training from clinicians who treat patients in their own practice every day.

Get dedicated one-on-one teaching in technique and learn how to manage your own clinic from those who do it.

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Hit the ground running

Over the course of a week, you'll learn the fundamentals of injecting and clinic management.

Our trainers will help you to feel confident in basic anti-wrinkle and filler treatments. You will be shown how to take that knowledge and apply it to get the most out of your business.

By training with Fresh Clinics, you are immediately connected with our authorising doctors, product supply chain and medical oversight, so you can start earning without delay.

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Get more hands-on

When it's your training, who wants to share? Our Academy provides more product, for more hands-on experience with your own models.

Bring up to 10 models with you for your exclusive learning; not to be shared with any other attendees.

Practice all the techniques you need to master, on real people, with live feedback. Then when you hit the clinic you know you can do it.

We cover all product knowledge, anatomical theory and practical injecting techniques, as well as teaching you how to consult, document, and develop your aesthetic eye.

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Feel supported

Our friendly and experienced clinical manager will be on hand to help you during your first few weeks, to ensure you feel supported until you are fully confident in private practice.

By training with Fresh Clinics, you are immediately connected with our authorising doctors and referral networks. We are happy to discuss all new patients with you and share the responsibility for their care.

When you call us for a treatment authority you know you are protected with on-call advice and on-site support if you get into trouble, even after hours.


Keep learning

You're part of the Fresh Clinics network from day one.

Once you’re confident with the basics, we will train you in advanced techniques, so that you can offer the best for your patients in your private practice. Enjoy ongoing support from some of the biggest names in cosmetics.

Your learning and development journey with us never ends.

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