Meet another one of our amazing nurses Felicity – ‘The Fit Injector’ who shares her background to becoming a cosmetic injectables nurse & her experience being part of Fresh Clinics.

We’re doing an interview series with some of our nurses to learn more about their stories.


1. Introduce yourself – what is your name & the name of the clinic you own?

I’m Felicity and I have my own clinic called ‘The Fit Injector’.


2. Where is your clinic located and how long has it existed?

I opened my own clinic during lockdown this year! I am located in Edgecliff, NSW. Prior to this I was doing contract work with various clinics in Sydney as well as building my own business through renting rooms within existing clinics in the Eastern Suburbs which grew to be able to have my own space this year. 


3. What was your journey to becoming a cosmetic injector? What inspired you to do this as a profession? 

I became a cosmetic nurse through my own skin journey. In my early 20’s I had fine lines, hormonal breakouts and dull skin, so I started looking into skincare, skin treatments and cosmetic injectables and when I realised that this was an area for nurses, I applied for a job at a clinic and my journey began! Plus I didn’t enjoy shift work at the hospitals, so I was very excited for a day job! 


4. What qualifications do you have & how long have you been practising cosmetic injectables?

I have a Bachelor of Nursing and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Paediatrics as well as multiple qualifications in cosmetic injectables, skin treatments and laser treatments. In addition, I have been a Registered Nurse for 10 years and a Cosmetic Nurse for 6 years. 


5. How have you found Fresh Clinics Training? What benefits have you received as an outcome of the training?

Since setting up my own clinic this year, I have taken advantage of the training opportunities Fresh Clinics offer, which have not only helped with my injecting skills but have allowed me to invest in new treatments for my clinic, through the introduction to new treatments on the market.


6. How has the experience of the process been from Fresh Clinics in terms of getting you setup? 

I found the process of getting set up really easy with Fresh Clinics, from when I first started renting rooms on a 1 day per week basis to build up my own business to now working full time in my own clinic. In particular the assistance with setting up accounts with suppliers, online systems for contacting the medical team, prescriptions, consent forms and a range of clinic resources.


7. What’s your view for the future of the health & beauty industry? What excites you?

I love how much my business and my skills can continue to grow and improve and how much more I can continue to offer my clients. As the industry grows, it continues to break down those prior stereotypes or stigma around cosmetic treatments as treatments become more available and more talked about and as consumers become more educated about treatments on offer.


8. If you could share some experience & advice to those considering joining Fresh Clinics, what would that be?

Just reach out and get started! I remember being so nervous to first make contact, being so new and really having no idea how to start my own business but they were so kind and supportive! Now they have an ever-growing support team and so many resources for you to access to get you started on your journey!