What is your name and which clinic do you work for?

Linda Dehnert-Rowe, Cosmetic Injector at Lip Religion in Mount Martha, Victoria.

How long has your clinic existed? Where are you located?

3 years and currently expanding!

What was your path to becoming a cosmetic injectables nurse? What inspired you to pursue this as a profession?

I have been fascinated by aesthetic medicine ever since I learned of it’s existence. Going back to the old days when it was publicised that Liz Hurley was getting collagen injections for lip augmentation. The next procedure before hyaluronic acid hit the market was “gortex threads” to lips. This procedure was $2000 and performed in the mid 90’s. My prayers had been answered when I attended my first clinic operated by a nurse injector who was able to give me larger lips. This created a cascade of obsession to Botox and filler for the next 17 years. I found the industry difficult to navigate as most of the injectors I saw had a shift in attitude when I made enquiries about where to begin. Answers (if any) were often vague and ambiguous. It took me a little while reach the conclusion that the aesthetic industry can be driven by greed and reluctance to share knowledge- I found this to be a little disillusioning.   

I then focused on intensive care and emergency medicine and gained post graduate qualifications. I started my Masters of Nursing however have not completed it. One day, I decided to take charge of my destiny and signed up for a course in cosmetic nursing as I concluded that I needed to start somewhere. I reached the realisation that it is better to regret the things you have done than the things you haven’t done. The journey has been huge and I continue to learn everyday

What are your qualifications?

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Monash)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Critical Care (Monash)

How long have you been practicing cosmetic injectables for?

3 years however have been studying cosmetic injectables (self directed) for 15 years. I was that annoying client who held the mirror and watched whilst being treated

What benefits or outcomes of Fresh Clinics training did you take out of the experience?

Fresh Clinics has placed a strong emphasis on ongoing training, further education, inclusiveness and transparency with a natural tendency to nurture whilst learning. Maintaining a lighthearted approach which encourages nurses (and doctors) to feel comfortable and enjoy the learning process. This I believe discourages the student from being intimidated which of course then creates obstacles for retaining information. Despite the seriousness of compliance and adhering to regulations- the journey can still be enjoyable. Being compliant within this industry is important as there can be grey areas which can jeopardise your registration. Fresh lays the process out in a neat format within their business model which makes the process more simplified.  

How helpful has the Fresh Clinics team to help you get setup?

Amazing! The process was informative and efficient. Every staff member I spoke to whether it be for education, orders or just random information was treated with the utmost importance with handholding all the way. At no stage said I feel lost or abandoned in my process of applying or setting up. Where I had difficulty moving to the next step – I was always met with an extremely responsive Fresh team member to help me navigate the process. It felt as though they had a vested interest in me joining their team. I already felt like part of the team before I was officially on board.

What excites you most about the evolving health/beauty landscape?

This industry never sleeps. There are always new products and procedures on the horizon. Every education session arms you with newfound knowledge. New perspectives from various experts are always contributing to the injector being able to perform the latest, most effective treatments to keep your clients interested and feeling rejuvenated. Which then maintains their faith in you as their injector.

What advice would you give to someone who is interesting in joining the Fresh Clinics community?

Do not hesitate- the industry demands compliance – which will give you better job security. Fresh are extremely compliant. Fresh have a strong focus on further education and training- which is not only required it is empowering. You then have the added bonus of being able to dramatically increase your profit margins and power ahead as an independent practitioner in an autonomous role and grow your business. The pricing of Skyping and products is significantly better than other companies providing a similar service. Do yourself a favour and just do it!